Wants vs. Needs

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Ever wonder what new intellectual depth we will plummet to in regard to our entertainment? I certainly do. I’m not very good at it though. I didn’t see Tik-Tok coming. It’s so simple when you think about it, how could I have missed it! It’s the insipidity of snap-chat (if you have ever put a puppy dog nose on your face and been genuinely entertained by it, congratulations, you have learning disabilities) combined with the humble bragging of Instagram (every post is in some way marketing worthy of the most abominable corporate whores). 


I really wish I could quench my integrity, silence my empathetic soul, long enough to see people like the app makers do: as statistics. Then I could pinpoint what they LIKE, not what they NEED, and give them that. The moola…. 

That’s the difference. What they LIKE. What they NEED. No one NEEDED Instagram. No one NEEDED Tik-Tok. 

Needs need not be bland.
I anticipated your argument.
We need new perspectives, new jolts, new modes of 

entertainment that encourage us to go out and live afterwards, not suck us in, and say, ‘Stay here, watch me….forever…’ 

Needs and wants…needs and wants…sell them the wants = $$ $$ Produce the needs = ?? Aha, see, the needs don’t necessarily mean poverty. Only one can’t know for sure when operating from the heart. 

Bob Dylan made something people needed so bad that when it arrived, they actually wanted it. 

How to make what’s WANTED? Easy. Ask a newspaper editor. How to make what’s NEEDED? Start from what YOU need, then work backwards. 

If no one else wants it, well you got what you needed anyway.